Sustainability - House of Rum


we believe in sourcing the most sustainable recyclable materials for all our packaging.


Glass is one of the most widely recycled products in the world because it doesn’t degrade during the recycling process and can be recycled again and again.

Our bottle partner is committed to high standards of professional ethics ensuring the company is environmentally friendly, economically productive, and socially responsible.


The House of Rum Diablo logo marque main label on our bottles is made from flexible aluminium which not only makes our bottles look outstanding and unique, but it also means they are 100% recyclable. Aluminium is the third most recycled product in the world with a 67% recycling rate and recycled aluminium saves 95% of the energy and resources used to make virgin aluminium.

Our labelling partner’s sustainability framework is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their strategy is based on four pillars of improving the impact of design, people, process, and partners.


All our closures are “Best in Class” 100% natural cork stoppers grown from a 4,500-acre family owned, FSC Certified, ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable cork forest in Portugal.

The cork bark is harvested from each cork tree, by hand, only once every 9 years and then the natural cylindrical stoppers are obtained from the bark by punching through the strips of raw cork with automated machines.

Cork forests are a hugely important part of the biodiverse ecosystems in which they live. They sequester CO2 and are a significant carbon sink. In addition, they provide a unique habitat for endangered and rare species in Portugal.

Cork is 100% recyclable through schemes such as Recorked –

Presentation Packaging

We source our packaging locally from the UK and Europe ensuring we reduce the carbon emissions produced during shipping as low as possible. A simple comparison is that a shipping container from Europe to the UK produces around 215kgs of carbon emissions whereas a shipping container from China to the UK produces over 611kgs of carbon emissions.

All our boards are 100% recyclable from 100% FSC certified or 100% recycled post-consumer sources.

Our luxury presentation boxes do not include plastic inserts, plastic windows or magnetic closures further ensuring that 100% of our boxes are fully recyclable.

Our packaging partner is a member of the Carbon Club from Forest Carbon, an initiative which offsets any carbon produced during manufacturer by purchasing carbon credits for tree planting, carbon sequester projects and peatland restoration.