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Raise a Cumbria Crystal Glass to Premium Rum

XO crystal glass

At House of Rum we strive to ensure that the intricate Diablo is always a mark of unique premium quality and expertise. Our glasses are crafted meticulously by Cumbria Crystal, the last producers of hand blown and hand cut glass in the United Kingdom. The perfect craftspeople to produce the glasses that accompany our premium, limited edition rum from the oldest and finest distilleries.

Using only traditional techniques and a small team of 22 highly skilled artisans, each glass takes up to 12 days to produce. The intricate processes involved in creating such high quality crystal have not changed much since the Roman era, requiring seven different cutting and hand polishing operations.

Cumbria Crystal is of the highest quality and is actually the crystal of choice for British embassies, royal families and luxury stores across the world. It has in fact been showcased extensively in Downton Abbey, The Crown and many period dramas.

Not only is Cumbria Crystal the embodiment of grandeur in a period setting, its opulence is unrivalled today too, having featured in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’ alongside Daniel Craig, Mads Mikkelson and Judi Dench. Due to the lead crystal content in Cumbria Crystal, it has incredible shine and sparkle under studio lights.

In our opinion, Cumbria Crystal looks most striking when filled with ultra-premium rum. With the very best crystal comes the very best rum and our 16 year old Venezuelan XO Reserve rum is just that. Presented in a stunning gift box that is second-to-none, complete with a decanter adorned with the diablo badge, and accompanied by two hand-crafted Cumbria Crystal Glasses.

The Diablo is always in the detail…